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Integrating With Royal Mail Despatch Manager


Our Royal Mail Despatch Manager integration allows for orders that are ready to be shipped to be easily imported into the Royal Mail's Despatch Manager tool.



  1. You must have an existing account for Despatch Manager Online. This account is your responsibility and the details for which should be kept private between yourself and Royal Mail.
  2. You must have a company account set up in the Gateway3D system. A company account represents a unique combination of supplier, retailer and shipper.

Process Overview

  1. An order is entered into the Order-iT system from a variety of sources (i.e. eCommerce, Point of Sale, etc.)
  2. The order is then produced either via the workflow system or a 3rd party supplier.
  3. When the order's status has reached "Despatched" (via a variety of methods) then the Despatch Manager integration will create a shipment CSV file on an FTP account provided by Gateway3D (using your own FTP account is possible if so desired).
  4. Once Order-iT has created the shipment CSV, the order's status will change to "Sent to shipper".
  5. The shipment CSV should then be copied to your local machine from the FTP account and subsequently imported into Despatch Manager.


1. Despatch Manager Import Format

Despatch Manager allows you to set up various different user defined import formats. It is necessary to set up a format that is compatible with the shipment CSV generated by the Order-iT system.

In Despatch Manager, a new format can be created by going to "Shipping Services" -> "Import Shipments" and then clicking on the "New" button in the "Select a file format" section.

The following screenshots show how the new format should be configured:

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

In Step 4 it is necessary to create Service, Service Reference and Service Format mappings to values that are relevant for you.

The shipping CSV will contain the value "SAP" as a service reference and will therefore need to be mapped to your service account number.

The shipping CSV will also contain the value "P" for the service format which should be mapped a format of your choosing (probably "Parcel").


Step 5


2. Company & FTP Setup

Please contact us at and let us know which company accounts you would like the Despatch Manager integration to be enabled for.





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