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SEO advice



There are a variety of ways to get your site to rank better in a search engine such as Google.


However this takes time and there is no quick way to do this without having to pay a lot of money to Google.


Here are a few point on how to set up your site so that it will rank higher in a search engine.


1. Content is King.


Search engines check every thing on your website (with the exception of code). So it is vital to have relevant information on the site and on each page.


All text must be relevant to the specific site or page and must not have repeated or spamy content as this can negatively effect your ranking.


All Pages must have a relevant page title.


Images should be named appropriately and should always have a label (alt tag) that is relevant.


Remember each time you update your content to keep in mind the purpose of your page.


  1. Internal and external links


All links should have relevant labels (alt tags).


Internal links


Correctly naming your links(url's) is not only good practice it also helps with SEO.


If you have lots of T-shirts on your website you may think it is easier to name there pages:






This is not a good idea for SEO purposes as it gives no information on the web page.


The url's should be named something unique and relevant to the product:






A few url rules

1. You cannot use capitals, all contant must be in lower case

2. There can be no spaces in a url you should use – or _ to separate words. If you do add a space to a link the web browser will add “%20” in the gap where the space was.

3. It is also a advised to add .html to the end of each url as you can also us htm and if this is not defined then the browser could interpret the link wrong and cause problems.

(this is very rare that this happens in modern browser but it is always worth making every thing backwards compatible)





External Links


If you are using external links make sure that the are relevant to your site. For example you do not want to add a link for a carpet cleaning site to your tshirt shop, as this would be counter productive.



3.Meta information


meta keywords


Although meta keyword has been deemed obsolete by google does not mean that they are not used by other search engines.


To add meta keywords to your site you can add the link below to the head of the web page with the relevant keywords between the quotation marks and separate them by a comers.


<meta name="keywords" content=" ">


Example for a tiger print tshirt page:


<meta name="keywords" content="tiger print tshirt, tiger tshirt, tiger, tiger print,tigerprint, tiger stripes">


Meta Title


A meta title can be added to a web page by adding the code below to the header on the web page, adding a title between the quotation marks. The title can be between 1 and 16 words long.


<meta name="title" content=" ">


Meta Description


A meta description can be added to a web page by adding the code below to the header on the web page, adding a title between the quotation marks. The description should be a brief overview of the page and no more than 2 paragraphs long and should be unique to each page with relevant information that is not duplicated within the page content.


<meta name="description" content=" ">



Meta information in Magento


In Magento on every product and every page you can add unique meta information.


To add the meta information for a product you can access this by clicking on the meta information button on the left hand side,when you are with the product.

(if you use a meta title in Magento it will overwrite the page title)


To add the meta information on a page go to the page in Magento and click on meta data where you can update the meta keywords and description.

(there is no option for a meta title as the content heading is defaulted to that within magento)


4. Add Google Analytics’s


To add a google analytics's to your website site you need to create a google analytics's account and copy your tracking code.

It will look like this:



(i[r].q=i[r].q||[]).push(arguments)},i[r].l=1*new Date();a=s.createElement(o),



ga('create', 'UA-50776623-4', 'auto');

ga('send', 'pageview');


Once you have this you then need to add it to the head of every page on your website.

Warning make sure that the tracking code is not placed within any other code as this could cause serious problems within your website.

Add Google Analytics’s to Magento


Once you have your google analytics's code login in to magento.


Then go to system > configuration


click on the design tab on the left


click on the HTML Head tab to open it


and copy the code in to the Miscellaneous Scripts box.

And save



For information on how to use good analytics's please check the link below.


  1. Add Google site map


To add a google site map to your web site you need to create one first if you can code xmlyou can create one or you can use a free online site map creator (e.g.


Once you have your site map it will look like this:



you will then need to upload it to your root directory.


It is also advisable to submit it to your google web master account, If you do not have an account, then create one as it is free and very useful when managing your website.


Add Google site map to magento


This information can be found on a separate article here:


Magento: Setting up a google site map


There are may other techniques to apply optimisation to a website but these are the main ones and should give you a good grounding ion SEO.


Remember your ranking will not change over night this can take a while, but is well worth it these are tried and tested techniques.


If you wish to Rank high on google fast you can set up a google Ad words account this can be very costly as every time some one clicks on your page you are paying google a small amount of money.


If you choose to stop using Ad words your rank will fall back to where it would normally be with the search engine.



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