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How to add different PERSONALISE-iT links for different browsers / devices to your Magento Website


Displayed below is the PERSONALISE-iT URL Tab from the Magento Product Database. As a minimum the "Default iFrame URL" should always be filled out with the link for your website

However if you want to improve the user experience you can add different links for different browsers or devices.

The PERSONALISE-iT Module will then select these URLS automatically based on the following rules

  1. If the website is being called from a mobile device will always use the "Monile iFrame"
  2. If the browsers being used will always select WebGL before selecting Flash
  3. If not 3D will always use the Default URL unless Mobile
  4. Legacy easypromo3D i only used for older website and is for the old style flash 3D links only

Each webstore on Magento has the ability to have its own links - by default each store will be set to use the main links but these can be amended by clicking the "store view" option at the end of the box allocated to store the link (see image above)

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