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How to create labels for data from your product manager or order manager


If you are looking for any easy way to create labels then the new "Add-ons" option in Google Docs is a very easy way to do this 

To use you will need to 

1. Open up and select "Add-ons" menu then "Get Add-ons"

2. Then install the "Avery Label Manager"

3. Next you will need to upload your report / spreadsheet into Google Sheets.

4. Make sure you name your columns in row 1.

5. Then create a document in Google Drive and select menu item Add-ons > Avery Label Merge > New merge.

6. Select your label type when prompted

7. Put your cursor in the box that will appear on your document (like example below).This box represents the label or name tag.

8. Click column header names on the sidebar to insert them into the box

9. Finally click Merge on the sidebar when you're done and your labels will be created

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