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CADLink Integration


Cadlink provides desktop software for people to run in their factories. The software is capable of pulling in orders from the Gateway3D Order-iT system.


How to Setup


1) G3D will provided a special URL which they can use to pull in their jobs to the ORDER-iT System

Where xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx is replaced with their API key.


Note: That URL won’t work in your browser. The Cadlink software will automatically add various parameters to it to make it work.


2) URL is then entered into Cadlink’s “Job Polling Configuration” screen. You will also need to enter your supplied company ref ID into the access key field.


The “Job Polling Configuration” is accessed through the “File” menu.

Please do not set the time interval to less than 10 minutes.


3) Jobs (if there are any) will then appear in the job queue:

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