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Managing Orders


To manage orders click on the 'Order Manager' option in the Order-iT section of the left hand column.

Viewing Orders

The search block allows you to filter orders by website / source, by a specific reference, status or country. 

To view the content of an order click the 'details'  icon in the column to the far right hand side. 

In the order view page you can make changes to the order, such as address changes, assign shipping methods and update the order status as required. An history of changes to the order is shown bottom right.

Bulk Actions

A range of bulk actions is available for orders in the list, shown below:

Orders can be group selected/deselected using the select   or deselect  buttons.

Available bulk actions:
Stock CSV - Exports a CSV file of all the stock you will need to fulfil the filtered order range- it also changes

the status of the orders to "Being Picked"

Stock CSV (Selected Only) - As above but for selected orders only.

Dispatch Orders - Bulk dispatch for all filtered orders and auto book out the stock

*Please note this only applies where the company & status filter has been used in the search block to narrow down the order range - this is to make sure you do not accidentally bulk dispatch orders

Dispatch Orders - As above for selected orders only.

Discard Selections - Remove selected orders.

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