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Managing Product Stock


To manage stock, first log into the Order-iT system and choose the 'Stock Items' option from the Order-iT section in the left hand column.

This page shows the total stock, any allocated stock and the amount available for new orders.

The search block in the left hand column allows you to narrow down the view to specific products.

New Stock
New items can be added using the fields at the bottom of the right hand section.  Enter the product SKU into the first field & the product name in the second. The 'tick' button will become active and you can click to enter the item into the system.


Modifying Existing Stock

Once a new product is added you can modify the stock quantities with the field to the far right of the product row, shown in the screenshot below.
The field will take positive numbers to add to the stock, or negative values to remove available stock, the 'tick' button adjacent to the field submits stock changes.

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