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Print Area Layout | Create a Print Layout for a 2d Product with Multiple Views


Product Print Layouts is a new feature that allows for the output of each surface area (view) to be joined together to form one or more merged artwork outputs.


A product may have zero or more print layouts and each layout will have 1 or more individual items.


A layout is configured to have a name, a width (mm) and a height (mm).


A layout item will be configured to have an (x, y) position (both mm) and will also be assigned to a surface area.


Product print layouts can be configured in ACP -> Product -> Print Area Layouts.


Setting Up A Layout


Suppose that we have a card which has 4 surface areas (Front, Back, Inside Left and Inside Right) however the supplier wishes to be supplied with only 2 images, one for the external side and one for the inside.


This means that the front and back need to be joined together as well as the 2 inside surfaces.


First, it is necessary to create 2 separate layouts:


In this case the width of the layout is exactly the total width of all the surface areas but this may not always be the case, for example with a product which requires a net layout.


Note that measurements for layouts are specified in mm, with the assumption being that the resulting images are 300DPI.

Once the layouts have been created, items need to be added to them.


Each item has an (x, y) position which is relative to the northwest corner of the layout.


Each item must also have a corresponding surface area.


It is possible to use the same surface area for multiple items if duplication is required for some reason.




Print layouts can be tested via the normal print testing process.



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