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Shopping Cart Price Rule Importer


To import shopping cart price rules, you will need to have an appropriate CSV file prepared.

CSV File + Options

The CSV is a standard format CSV file, comma separated with double quotes encapsulating each field. Examples attached.

Maximum size for the CSV file is 1500000b or 1464.84Kb, larger CSV's should be split into multiple files and uploaded individually

The available column headers are listed below.

Basic Fields

The minimum fields required to successfully import coupons:

name - The coupon name, can match the coupon code or whatever name you choose.

is_active - 1 = Active, 0 = inactive.

website_ids - Numeric ID of website / store view

customer_group_ids - Customer group, value or "all". Multiple groups can be defined using the following notation "0|1|2|3" (id's seperated with the pipe symbol).

coupon_type - Normally set to "Specific Coupon" to allow entry of a specific code during checkout, other option available is "No Coupon"

coupon_code - Unique string for coupon, and what customers will enter to use the coupon. This must be unique, if the code already exists in the store, it will be overwritten with the new data.

simple_action - Type of discount used, by_percent or by_fixed

discount_amount - Value of discount.

Additional Fields

Additional fields that can customise the coupon further, for example creating 'bogof' offers etc.

description - Description of the coupon.

uses_per_coupon - Allowed usage amount for coupon

uses_per_customer - Allowed usage amount per customer

from_date - Date the coupon becomes valid, e.g. 2014-12-31

to_date - Date the coupon expires, e.g. 2015-12-31

sort_order - Priority of the coupon, 0 = Highest. Used to decide with coupon is applied first when more than one coupon is used when checking out.

is_rss - If the coupon is listed in the RSS feed of the website, 1 = yes, 0 = no.

discount_qty - The maximum quantity the coupon is applied to. 0 = unlimited

discount_step - The quantity of items needed to apply the coupon, e.g. buy 3 get 20% off. The discount would only apply if 3 items are added to the cart, then for each multiple of 3 thereafter (3,6,9...).

apply_to_shipping - Does the discount apply to shipping, 1 = yes, 0 = no

simple_free_shipping - If used to create a free shipping coupon, 1 = free shipping / 0 = shipping paid.

stop_rules_processing = Stop other rules being applied after this one, 1 = yes / 0 = no.

store_labels - Each store view can use it's own label, these are defined here if required, the format is: "0::Demo rule default label|1::Demo rule Main Website label" ("store_id::coupon label for store", each store view label 'set' being separated by the pipe symbol '|').

conditions - Conditions to use, for matching coupons to products etc. To be confirmed.


Importing Shopping Cart Price Rules (Coupon Codes).

1) Navigate to Admin > Promotions > Import Cart Price Rules

2) Click 'Choose File', navigate to the file on your PC using the dialogue, select and OK

3) Click 'Upload & Test File'

The extension will either allow you to proceed with the import or report any errors encountered.


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