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Overview of setting up a PERSONALISE-iT Instore Kiosk


Detail below is a check list on the steps you need to follow to set up an instore personalisation kiosk 

  1. Choose a kiosk type - PC, Tablet or Chromebox
  2. Choose a Kiosk Enclosure
  3. Install a browser lockdown app 
  4. Configure your PC, Android Tablet, iPad or Chromebox for Kiosk Operation
  5. Decide what type of PERSONALISE-iT App best suits your needs
  6. Set up your Personalise-iT Instore Kiosk App (Point of Sale Link)
  7. Add your Kiosk App / Link to the browser lock down app
  8. Decide how your customers will get order confirmations
  9. Set up access to Order Manager Lite for fulfilment either instore or dropship
  10. Need to consider on going Kiosk Management & Support
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