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Adding Orders to Promoserve from your Print Manager


Orders can be auto added to the sales order database in Promoserve Software from your Print Manager (Promoserve is a popular software package in the promotional products trade)

To activate you will need to first set up an FTP folder on your server that either is linked to Promoserve/Import/CFSOImport or can transfer files to this folder

You will also need a Promoserve/Import/CFSOImport/Archives so that the file can be archived once imported

Once set up everytime an order is placed and arrives in your print manager it will auto create an xml file in this folder


Promoserve then uses its AutoOrderImport.exe programme to pop a screen if it sees any xml files in the folder called Import/CFSOImport and allows them to be imported.

AutoOrderImport.exe runs everytime you open the PromoServe Sales Order routine)

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