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Gateway CPP: Personalise-iT Image Galleries


The Gateway CPP allows you to offer customers the opportunity to upload artwork onto your product/s from a predefined range of images.

This is done via the Personalise-iT Image Galleries section of the CPP.

To create your own gallery, log in to the Gateway CPP and select Image Galleries from under the Personalise-iT Menu on the left.



Once selected, you are presented with a list of any existing galleries that have been created along with their reference codes.  If you have not created any galleries previously, this menu will be empty. There is a 'New' input field for creating new galleries.



Input a gallery name and click save to create the new gallery folder.  You are then presented with the new gallery screen.



There is a Choose File button to upload a single image to the gallery or you can upload multiple images at once using the Bulk Upload button.  Click on your preferred upload option, then select the images from your local machine that you want to add to this gallery. The images will then be uploaded - once the upload is complete, click the Submit button to save the changes.



When the changes have been saved, you should be able to see the images that you have just uploaded.


Images can be removed from the gallery if you tick the box next to the image, tick the box labelled Delete Selected and then click Submit. You can also add new images to the gallery at any point going forwards.



The gallery reference code can be inserted into the URL of a product by using the "&g=" parameter.  This will give the user the option of using the gallery images within the specified gallery on that product.

Users can create as many galleries on CPP as required.

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