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G3D ACP: Creating Your Personalise-iT Links


With the URL Generator, you have the ability to create bespoke URL's for your products and specify from a range of options, using the URL parameters, how the Visualiser will appear.

To do this go to URL Generator on the left and you should then see a list of categories.  Choose the category that you would like to create links for by ticking the tick box next to that category and clicking Save.

Once you have clicked Save, you are presented with a range of options for creating your URL's.  These options are explained below.URL_Generator.JPG


Type - Select whether the link is for a sample or a product.

Host - Use as the host.

Width - Sets the width of the Visualiser iFrame.

Height - Sets the height of the Visualiser iFrame.

Locale - Sets the language to be used in the Visualiser.

Default Tab - Sets the tab that will open out initially when the Visualiser loads.


LMO - Sets the order of the tabs as they appear on the left.

RMO - Sets the order of the tabs as they appear on the right.

Both the LMO and RMO are set using comma separated numbers.  The menu codes for this are given below.

Menu Codes











Background - Sets the background colour in the Visualiser.

Company ID - Specifies the company ID to be used in the link.

a2c Colour - Specifies the colour of the Add To Cart button.

a2c Image - Specifies an image to be used for the Add To Cart button.

a2c Callback - Specifies the callback URL to be used for the Add To Cart button.

User ID - Specifies the user ID to be used in the link.

Auto Rotate - Specifies whether the product will auto rotate initially on load.

Hide Controls - Hides the rotate and zoom controls on the Visualiser.

Enquiry Enabled - Enables/Disables the Enquiry button on the Visualiser.

Snapshot Enabled - Enables/Disables the Snapshot button on the Visualiser.

Save Enabled - Enables/Disables the Save button on the Visualiser.

PDF Enabled - Enables/Disables the PDF button on the Visualiser.

Camera Views - Enables/Disables the camera views on the Visualiser.

BG Slider Enabled - Enables/Disables the slider to darken or lighten the background on the Visualiser.

Drag Enabled - Enables/Disables the ability of the user to be able to drag the model in order to rotate it.

Validation - Enables/Disables the image validation check.

Social - Enables/Disables the social media buttons on the Visualiser.

Image (Choose File) - Choose an image to apply to your samples.


Viewer App. Only


Layout - Specifies the layout that the app. will use.

Config. - Specifies which configuration will used in the layout.


Once you have been through and applied the settings that you have selected, click the Next button.  You are then presented with a Download link to download the URL's in a CSV file.

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