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Magento: Dashboard Explained


The Magento Dashboard is usually the first screen that you will see when you log into the back end of Magento.  It gives a quick overview of information relating to your Magento site.



Use the drop down menu at the top of the screen to select the store view.  In the area highlighted as Section A, you can view statistics such as lifetime sales, average order value, the last 5 orders made, the last 5 search terms entered and the top 5 search terms entered.

In the area highlighted as Section B a graph is displayed to show orders over a specified period of time.  You can specify the time period that the graph covers by using the Select Range drop down menu at the top.

You can see an overview of your bestsellers, most viewed products and new as well as existing customers in the area highlighted as Section C by clicking through the tabs in that section.

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