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Magento: Sales and Order Management


The Sales menu in the back end of Magento is where you can manage and process any orders that come into your site.  From the Sales menu you can view orders, invoices, shipments and credit memos.  To view your orders, select Sales>Orders.



The orders screen lists all of the orders for your site.  When a new order is placed on your site, it will appear here.  You can search and filter the current orders from here, you can manually create a new order from here if you have taken the order over the phone and you can export the orders to a CSV file on your local computer using the Export button.

If you click into an order, the information relating to that order is displayed.


From here you can view information about the order, its status and the customer who placed the order.  You can email the customer, process returns and generate a credit memo using the buttons in the top right.

On the upper left hand side you can use the tabs to view other information connected with the order such as Invoices, Credit Memos, Shipments, Comments History, Transactions and Product Returns.

An order that has been placed without using a payment provider will have a status of Pending.  Once you have taken payment, you can set the status to Processing by manually sending the invoice.  There will be an orange button for Invoice in the top right on orders that aren't completed.  Click this and on the subsequent page you can then click the Send Invoice button.

If you use a payment provider such as Paypal then once payment has been taken, the order is automatically set to Processing.


The invoices relating to your site can be found by clicking Sales>Invoices and will display a list of invoices with the most recent showing first.  An invoice confirms successful payment for an order and converts a temporary sales order into a permanent order.  From this screen you are able to export the invoices to CSV as well as search and filter invoices.  You can also click on an invoice to view it.



Once inside an invoice you have the option to email the customer or print the invoice.#


The shipments page lists all of the orders that have been dispatched.  More than one shipment can be associated with an order as some items from the same order may be shipped out before others.  To access the shipments screen, select Sales>Shipments.


You should see a list of the most recent shipments along with details of dispatch date, order number and customer name.  Click into a row or use the view button on the right to view the shipment information.

Credit Memos

The Credit Memos screen is where you can view a list of any refunds that have been processed on your site.  You can access the Credit Memos screen by selecting Sales>Credit Memos.


You can export the information to a CSV file using the export button at the top.  You can also search and filter the list to find the particular memo that you are looking for.  If you click into a row, you can view the details of the refund that has been given.

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