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Use the Paypal "Buy Now" link so works with your Smartlink / Facebook


This enables you to sell personalised products without having an ecommerce website

1. First you will need to have created a "Buy Now" link using your Paypal Account

2, Next set up a Product Smartlink in your Gateway CPP

3. Then create a Smartlink Call Back URL using your Paypal Hosted Button ID

Your callback URL should be set up as follows

Where MAQMJ78VF9UY8 is the value of the hosted_button_id parameter in the original PayPal URL you created 

You can also use the email link from your Paypal Buy Now page


But this does need to be encoded like the above example - to encode the link you can use a free service like Finally add your Call Back URL to your Smartlink as a call back URL eg &ep3dUrl=CALLBACKURL

Here is an example link

With Smartlink Callback URL

With Paypal Encoded EMail Link

Link as a QR Code

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