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G3D ACP: Print Manager


When an order for a personalised product has been generated in your Magento site, it is picked up by the Gateway 3D Print Manager.

The Print Manager can be accessed by logging into the Gateway 3D ACP and selecting Print Manager from under the Personalise-iT header on the left.



The Print Manager lists all of the print jobs that have been picked up that relate to you.  Use the search boxes in the top left to locate a particular print job.



The Print Manager provides information such as whether the job has a status of "Paid", the date the product was ordered, the date printed and the product ID.  If you click on a particular row, the thumbnail image of that print job is displayed at the bottom of the screen.



You can use the Label button to view the dispatch label, the PNG, JPG and PDF buttons to view the final artwork in various formats and the Assets button will provide you with a link to the original artwork uploaded by the user.

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