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Running a Ping Test


If you are experiencing some connectivity issues, you may wish to run a ping test.  A ping test is a test that sends a few small packets of information to a specified location and is then returned to the sending computer.  The time it takes for the packets to complete the trip, is one of the things that is measured during the test.

To run a ping test, open the Command Prompt.

Windows XP

Click Start>Run, type "cmd" and click enter to open the Command Prompt.

Windows Vista/7

The Command Prompt can be opened by typing "cmd" and then clicking enter in the search box of the Windows Start menu.

Windows 8

You can open the Command Prompt by taking your mouse into the top right hand corner of the screen and selecting the search option.  Type "cmd" into the search box and press enter.

Once the Command Prompt is open, you can run the ping test by typing:


For example Ping

You can also type a Website address such as:


The returned results should tell you how long the round trip took and what percentage of the data required resending (if any).


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