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Downloading and running Teamviewer to allow us to remote control your PC


In some situations it may be prudent to allow us remote control of your PC in order to solve an issue you are having


For this we use a program called TeamViewer


You will need to copy the following link into your browser URL field -


This will download a file to your computer called "TeamViewer_Setup_en.exe"


Once downloaded please run this file - You will see the following screen pop up on your computer



There is no need to install the program - please select "run" and hit "next"

Then the License Agreement below will appear


Make sure you have ticked that you accept the terms and hit "next"


The TeamViewer program will then load and show the following window




From this information you need to provide you Gateway3D Support Team with "Your ID" and "Password" details as shown in your window and then sit back as they will be able to control your PC from the Gateway3D office and hopefully solve any issues you are having.



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