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White Label Website Duplication Wizard


The website duplication wizard is an extension which we install onto the back end of your website which will enable you to create websites for any customers you may be doing websites for. 

The duplication wizard is used to copy the base template of your original website, but giving you the ability to change the logo, colour scheme and your home pagee. It can copy category structure and duplicate the products into that site while given it its own unique URL. When your website duplication wizard is installed you will be able to locate the wizard on the tabs list at the top of your screen on the backend of your site, please see image below:


 When you have clicked on "Build new website" the wizard will begin and take you to a page which will allow you to name the website which will be used in the URL for the site. Once the site has been named  it will then take you to the main page of the wizard where you can then edit the logo, home page and color scheme to give it a unique look and feel for the customer. Please see picture below:




The first stage is to insert you logo into the wizard, so to do this you will need to click on the orange "Click Here" button which will then load up a pop up which will allow you as the user to be able to insert an image into the duplicated website which will go where you logo is on your template. Once this bit is done the next stage is to design your home page using the WYSWIG editor below the logo insert button.  Please see picture below:


From here you are able to:

- Insert Images

- Format text

- Insert HTML code

- Bulletpoint text


The final stage of the website duplication wizard is to pick the colour scheme you would like to add to the template, this is done by inserting a hex code reference into a box below the WYSWIG editor. This is a six digit number which references a colour.


Once you are happy with your website hit the confirm button and will take you to a page where it will give you a URL to your new webpage.

Please see below for end page where link is supplied. 


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