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Dataflow - Profiles


Dataflow Advanced Profiles is a routine which allows the user to directly export sales information from our 3D admin panel and import them directly into your website. This is very useful because you will not need to make an import sheet which could take time and be riddled with mistakes due to having to build an import sheet yourself and import using Magentic One.

Please see Personalise iT Export for further information which may help:

This will show you how to export a CSV file from our admin panel which will be able to go straight into our Dataflow routine and onto your website.


The dataflow routine is located on the backend of your Magento website under system| Import & Export| Dataflow - profiles. Please see the picture below:




Once you have acquired the CSV file of the supplier's data you require please save this to a folder on your local machine, then go to the dataflow routine as shown above. Once you have clicked on the dataflow routine the next page you will see will look like this: 



From here you will then need to select one of the options you have available, on this occasion you will be importing product data so the option you will need to select is "Import All Products". When this has been clicked on it will then bring you to the actual dataflow import & export wizard where you will be able to edit your routine to suit the required needs of what you are trying to achieve. Below is a picture of what the page will look like upon opening the import/export wizard:



From here you are able to change what you are importing from products to customers, if you are import data into the site or exporting data out and which store view you are either exporting or importing into. For an import of products these settings will be OK, you may need to change your store view depending on which store view you are wanting to import into. Once this page has been completed you will see a tab on the left hand side called "Upload File" which will take you to another page will you are able to browse your local machine for the file that you are needing to import into your site. Once you have chosen the file for import hit the "Save & Continue Edit" button in the top right hand corner of the screen, this will then save the CSV into the routine.

You will then need to click on the next tab down which is "Run Profile", this is the page where you will run your profile and you will need to select from a drop down list the CSV you have saved into the profile. It will be the one at the bottom of the list, newest at the bottom and oldest at the top. Once you have selected the CSV of your choice hit the "Run profile in pop up button"  this will then open up a pop up with the routine running. Please don't close this until it has done importing and re-indexing. It will say at the bottom when it is finished.

Common mistakes

- Make sure that your categories are split up with / (forward slashes) or else it won't run correctly. No need to include the root category in this. So for example:

Top level category/subcategory/any other lower level categories you may have.

- Make sure all SKUS are filled out and Unique or it will overwrite the non unique ones and only upload one product with that sku.

- Blank cells will overwrite any information in that particular column previously.

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