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Magento Bulk 301 Import Extension


File Structure

This extension uses a semi-colon 'CSV' file for mass import of 301 redirects and is best suited to redirect URL's from your old website to pages or products on your new website.

The file stucture is very basic, columns/fields separated by semi-colon with no use of quotes around the data, e.g.:

The first column is the old url, the second column is the new URL.

Uploading the File

Once you have prepared your CSV you can upload it via Admin > Optimise Web > Mass 301 Redirects.

This file can be downloaded from the same admin section should you wish to add, remove or change redirects at any point.

Troubleshooting Redirects

There are a few do's & dont's to take into account when using this system of redirects:

1) Avoid duplication, a request URL that is entered twice and that has two different target URL's will conflict and generally fail.

2) The Magento system deals with redirects from the extension first and the internal system second. This can have a negative impact if you have rewrites created in the internal system for disabled products or categories.

E.g. You have a category that has the URL Magento will create a friendly URL such as:
You may also have a rule in the mass 301 import routine that redirects from an old page to , no problems here so far, unless the category is disabled. If the category is disabled the rule from the mass 301 will result in a 404 as there is no active destination.

When disabling categories or products within the Magento system, you will be presented with an option to create a permenant 301 redirect. This option will create a redirect within the Magento internal system, occasionally this can also result in a conflict with the rules from the mass 301 extension.

3) Always check the settings when saving out the CSV file, certain applications may add double quotes around the data, this will result in none of the redirects in the file working.

An example CSV file is attached.  

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