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Changing your Live Chat Icon


You can use the WhosOn Client to quickly and easily change the graphics that are used for the chat links on your site. 

Right-click the site in the Monitored Sites tree and select Site Properties. 

Select the Visitor Chat. 

You can change the On-Line graphic (the graphic that is displayed when operators are available), the Off-Line graphic and the Invite graphic (the graphic that is displayed when an 'invite' request is sent). 

Click the Change button against each type. You can then select any GIF file on your PC. This will then be uploaded to the WhosOn server. 

If you don't want any visible graphic to appear when operators are off-line enable the Display Nothing When Off Line option. 

The Invite graphic by default starts 200 pixels from the top of the visitors browser and then moves across the page. This start position can be changed. In the Position entry, enter the number of pixels down from the top that you want to invite to start. 

Changing The Logo Displayed In The Chat Window 

Select the Logo tab. Here you can click the Change button to select a GIF file that will be displayed in the chat window. To make an exact fit ensure the GIF is 119 pixels wide by 199 high. 

Changing Click Fraud Warning Graphic 

You can send warnings to visitors whom you suspect may be clicking your paid-for-listing multiple times (Click fraud). WhosOn can also send these automatically - See Site Settings - Site Entry Alerts. 

You can change this graphic to any graphic of your choice. Click the Click Fraud Warning tab. Then click the Change button to upload a new graphic. 

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