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Google - Authorship in Search


Google Authorship in Search

A little while ago Google launched 'Authorship in Search' to help users find better or more relevant content. Outlined below are the steps to get started with Google Authorship.

1) If you don't already have a Google+ account, visit to create one.

2) Setup your Google+ profile, complete with a profile picture (headshot/portrait is the norm) and other relevant information.

3) Next visit the following area of Google+ and link your email address / domain to your account. The domain of the email address can be used to link your site to your account. (i.e., can be linked to

Linking yourself to your content with rel="author" / rel="me"

With these tags you can easily link yourself to your content, by adding specific links to the content you add to your pages.

<a href="[profile_url]?rel=author">[your_name]</a>

1. Replace [profile_url] with the URL for your Google profile page, keeping the ?rel=author part on the end.

2. Replace [your_name], with your name.

Your link should now look something like:

<a href="">Andrew Talbot</a>

This link can be included in your blog post/page/article. 

You now need to link/verify the article with your Google profile.

1. Sign into your Google+ profile, click 'Edit profile' / view profile as 'yourself'
2. Click the 'Contributor To' section on the right, then click edit. This should provide another dialogue, in this click 'Add custom link'.
You can change the visibility if you wish.

You can use the following link to see what author data Google can take from your pages:


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