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Importing your product catalogue into Quote Roller


Quote Roller can be used without importing your product catalogue but it does make it much faster and easier to use if this in place

To import go to the Catalogue Page - select either a product, service or subscription and then select import in the top right corner - you will then need to provide a csv file with the following fields

  1. Product, Service or Subscription Name
  2. Product, Service or Subscription Description
  3. VAT
  4. Price
  5. Period -  0- Hour, 1 - Day, 2 - Week & 3 - Fixed
  6. Quantity (service only) 
If you want to import subscription details then please use the following numbers for the 'period' field

0 - Day
1 - Week
2 - Month
3 - 3 Months
5 - 6 Months
4 - Year
6 - 2 Years
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