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Setting Up the Single Sign On Extension


The single sign on extension enables you to create a seamless login link to Magento from another web application 

To start using you need to set up a few details in your Magento Admin Panel

1. Go to System > Configuration > Gateway 3D Settings > SIngle Sign-On - then set up an MDS Secret Key - your choice of numbers & letters
2. Import the emails and or usernames of the system users

Once this is set up to log in from another website you'll need to create a token as follows:

1. Take the username, current time, and a secret key (set up previously)
2. Join them using colons
3. Get a hex MD5 hash of all that
4. Add that as the 'token' parameter in the URL
5. Add the username as the 'username' parameter in the URL
Please note
Time format: YYYYMMddHH
Example token string:  "username:2013021817:fh4o3hujbljqfu31"
Resulting MD5 token: b7e5e483d1d928ba9fcf5aa43df97280
Full URL:
Example URL using the above details:
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