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Creating and Viewing 3D iPad Virtual Samples


Creating a 3D Virtual Samples for your iPad starts in the same way as any creating any other virtual sample - see crating a virtual sample

However once you have created your virtual sample the process changes as follows

1. When you click the "Save" icon tick the extra box at the bottom of the screen that says "Create ZAE"

2. This will create an extra link to a ZAE file on your screen and also email that file to you so it can be picked up on your iPad

3. To use the ZAE file on your iPad you need a ZAE file viewer installed - we recommend an app call "Studio Viewer" - which can be downloaded at the App Store for free - click here to download

4. Once you have a viewer installed just click on the attached ZAE file in your email client on your iPad and it will ask you how you want to open the file - select "Studio Viewer" and your 3D sample will be stored and opened on your iPad

5. You can then move, zoom and rotate the sample on your iPad

6. You can add as many samples as you want to Studio Viewer which is perfect for preparing client presentations - once loaded access is instant and no internet access is required to present them to your clients

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