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Personalise-IT Export CSV from ACP


The Personalise-IT CSV is a quick and easy tool for exporting products from your product database on our admin panel to importing them to your database with the back end of your website. The Personalise-IT export CSV function can be found in any category in the product management section of your admin panel. It is located at the top of the product listing in a drop down list, please see below picture:




When you have clicked on the "Export Personalise-iT CSV" it will then download to your computer and should appear on a download bar at the bottom of your screen. From the download bar you can then open this onto OpenOffice or any other package which supports spreadsheets. Below is the header you will see on opening and what they mean.

admin - It defines what is shown in the admin section for default values. It will always be admin so doesn't need to change.

websites -  Which store view the product will be imported too.

attribute_set - Will always be default.

type - The type of product this product is, you have simple, configurable and grouped.

Product ID - The unique ID number given to that particular product.

sku - The SKU which that product is displayed under on that website.

supplier - The supplier of that product and where when an order is placed that order will go to.

has_options - If the product is enabled for personalisation and contains custom options. 1 means yes.

status - The status of the product on the website. Enabled or Disabled.

tax_class_id - If the product is taxable. Most products will be taxable so either put 1 or Taxable Goods.

visibility - The visibility of the product on the site, can have catalog, catalog,search , Not Visible individually and Search.

Catalog - The product can only be seen on the pages of the website through categories. Not searchable

Catalog, Search - The product is available like the above option but is searchable through the search bar.

Not Visible Individually - This is for products that are grouped so for example a mug with different print options like colour print. You will not want all the different colour prints showing for the same product on your site. So you create a main grouped product with all the other simple products with the colour options that are set to not visible individually.

Search - The product is only available through the search bar.

price -  The price of the product.

name - Product name.

description - The description of the product which you will want to show up on the website.

short description - Another description section.

lead time - How long it will take before it is delivered.

weight - The weight of the product.

supplier sku - The supplier SKU so they can track the product.

Minimum Order Quantity - The minimum amount you are allowed to order if there is a limit.

categories - Category the product is under on the site. Category/sub category. Separate with /

easypromo3d_url - The 3D link which needs to be embedded on your site to display the 3d model.

Please note: All images need to be referenced to the letter, by the letter I mean if the file name is called G61a42.jpg for a mug. The image columns will need to have G61a42.jpg in the row for that particular product. Also the images will need to be dropped into your FTP.

image - Is the big image when product has been clicked on.

small image - Small iamge normally on product view page/

thumbnail - Thumbnail image displayed on your site.

After the thumbnail column the rest of the columns are custom options and don't need to be changed unless you would like to customise which custom options show up in the basket when customers check out. The first three custom options columns are 

Job ID - Is a unique number which is given to that specific transaction so it is trackable in the print manager. The Job ID display in the back end of the website under each order. This is useful if there is a problem with the order getting to the fulfiller or an issue with the artwork.

Printing_URL - Gives you a URL which users can click on so they can see what there image look like before it is on the model.

Thumbnail URL - Is what the product will look like when it is printed. 

So Companies may like to keep these on the checkout section so customer can have a look at them after purchase. In the custom options column you may get something like this, Please see below:


To be able to change what is seen on checkout and what is not, all you need to do is change the last number after the : 

The rule is, below 100 the custom option setting is visible in the checkout and above 100 it isn't visible so currently the Job_ID isn't visible. To make it visible it can be any number between 1-99 but make sure two custom options values don't have the same number as this is the sort number option. The sort number options sort which order they are displayed on the checkout and on the back end of the site on the orders section.

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