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Overview of the features available to Personalise-iT User (Template Editor)


A PERSONALISE-iT User has the following options

Product Management

The ability to create links for products to be added to websites or sent direct to customers to create artwork

The ability to duplicate a product and add your own design or different personalisation options

The ability to change the position, size and angle of a duplicated product

The ability to export product data to upload to ecommerce websites

App Layout The ability to select the personalisation options for a bespoke personalisation app - this os only for bespoke app layouts - the standard interface can be managed via the Product Management Interface
Visualiser As the name suggests this is a tool for creating product visuals for marketing or product development - create 3D models or thumbnails or even PDF sheets
Unpersonalised Artwork This is a otool for uploading artwork for products that you want to print on demand but have not created as 3D models - it allows you to add products to your website as standard images and enables the print manager to know what artwork to use when the job is printed
Print Manager This creates print ready artwork , allows you to download and print - it also manages despatch documentation and simple workflow. This can either be used to view your own print jobs at a third party fulfilment house or used to manage your own production
Image Galleries This enables you to upload images that will feature on the gallery tab for a product so they can be swopped on the screen. IMages upload then get a unique gallery ID - which can be associated with individual products or all products on your website



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