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Managing & Creating your Image Galleries


Both SAMPLE-iT and PERSONALISE-IT have the option to have Image Galleries associated with a user or product - in the ACP (Admin Control Panel) you have the option to create and edit these galleries

The process to add a new gallery is as follows

  1. Select the Image Galleries option under the PERSONALISE-iT Menu
  2. Click the "New" Button in the bottom right corner
  3. At this stage we suggest you name the gallery by overtyping the word "New Gallery"
  4. Next to the gallery name is your unique ID for the gallery - we suggest you copy and paste this reference as will need it for the URL later
  5. Now you can add your images either one at a time by clicking "Browse" selecting image then submit or by using bulk upload
  6. If you want a name to appear when images are moused over then add a name underneath each image
  7. When you have finished make sure you click submit - your gallery is now ready for use 

Please also note

  1. Admin users can create multiple galleries each of which is given a unique ID
  2. Admin users can then bulk upload images to these galleries so that they can be associated with products
  3. Galleries can then be associated with individual products on a website by adding &g=galleryID to the URL of a product - add a comma between gallery IDs to add multiple galleries to a single product
  4. Whether the gallery displays on that product also depends on the App Layout selected
  5. It is also possible to associate a gallery with a Company ID (GUID) - so that if Gallery is enabled on that App Layout a specific gallery will appear against any product that features that Company GUID - to give more flexibility it is recommended to use option 3 as this enables you to control the gallery on a per product basis and images can be tailored to the correct size and shape
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