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Product Management



The product management section is the largest section of the admin panel and the one you will probably be using the most. This section is where the management of every model and template that we use on a daily basis is done. when you are on the product management view you will see a list table of all of the products in your view ordered by most recent.


The above picture is a sample of one product from this view and the information here is as follows

1) Thumb - a thumbnail image of the model (sometimes a visual reference is a better identifier than words)

2) ID - this is the unique ID assigned to the model (you may hear this refereed to as "Model ID" or "Template ID"

3) SKU - this is the SKU assigned to the model by the manufacturer or distributor - this is not unique

4) Name - this is a written identifier for the product (best kept short and to the point)

5) Supplier - This is the name of the supplier who owns or produces the finished product

6) T - T stands for template, this will show N if the product is not templated and Y if the product is templated.

7) Supplier - This is the name of the supplier who owns or produces the finished product

8) Locked - Some products will be locked, they will show a padlock image in this space if they are and this means they cannot be edited in any way. These can be unlocked with just cause by contacting Adam Johnston or James Ball.

9) Edit - this is an icon - if you click this you will be taken into the advanced controls for the individual model

10) Duplicate -  This option when clicked will create a duplicate of the model selected with the next available model ID - when clicked this will take you into the edit screen for the duplicate

11) Delete - Removes this entry from the system

12) Move - If this box is checked any you select an option from the drop down menus on the page you can make certain bulk changes such as category


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