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User Managment



On selecting "User Management" from the "General" menu you will see a list of users (any user under yourself or if you are staff you will see all users)



The inforamation in this table is as follows

ID = the unique ID for this User

Username = The username that is used by this user to log in

Forename = Forename of the User

Surname = Surname of the User

Email = This is an Icon - Click here to email the email address on record in your default email program

D = this stands for Distributor and is a simple Y = Yes / N = No

Edit = This is an Icon - Click here and you will be taken to the panel where you can edit details for the user.

Delete = Deletes the user (only to be used with authorization from Carmen or a Team Leader)



This panel has the same information as the table view but it is editable here. Also you can set the password for the user and assign then to a company.

The other section to a user is to assign them a "Role" this defines their access to the admin panel, i.e. what they can and cannot do.

in short these are explained below

Staff (inherits from Modeller, Template Editor and Super User)

Product categories
Printer usage
User Customers
User Product Categories
Ecommerce Import

Super User (inherits from User)

User Requests
Sample Stats
Products (read only)
Print manager (historic reasons, i.e. woyc are set up as super users)

Template Editor

Template galleries
Unpersonalised artwork
Print manager

Modellers (inherits from user)



Visualiser galleries
URL gen
Sample Manager


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