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Sample iT Menu Options



The Sample-iT section deals with all aspects of the products relating to samples and depending on your role will have access to the following items


The options contained in this section are as follows:-

1) Visualiser - this leads to the visualiser (Sample-iT) viewer in which you can open any product in your view as a sample the same as users would.

2) Sample Manager - This is where any samples created by the user are stored and accessed.

3) Sample Enquiries - This is where samples produced by customers will be placed - if you are staff you will see all samples but clients will only see samples relevant to their company and website.

4) Sample Statistics - This is where stats can be viewed about the number of samples that have been created.

5) Visualiser Galleries -  When you upload a picture to a model on sample viewer this will be saved in your gallery for future use. This where those images are accessed.

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