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Using eCommerce Product Import Routine


ACP -> Staff Only -> e-Commerce Import)

The import spreadsheet must have the following format:

This format is the same as what is used for the e-commerce product export from the admin panel (so the products can be exported, bulk changes made to the CSV and then imported again to update the products).

Inclusion of the header row is optional. Any invalid rows will be ignored.

Only the following columns are used for the import and must be in this order

- Model ID

- Sales Description

- Selling Unit

- Tax Code

- Price Includes   

- 1 Qty Price   

- 1 Qty Break   

- 2 Qty Price   

- 2 Qty Break   

- 3 Qty Price   

- 3 Qty Break   

- 4 Qty Price   

- 4 Qty Break   

- 5 Qty Price   

- 5 Qty Break   

- Lead Time   

- Weight

If no data needed in a  columns it must still be present but may be blank. The “Model ID” column is used to identify which product will be updated.

The import is only for updating existing products, not for creating new ones.

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