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Adding orders / artwork direct to your order / print manager not created in our software


If you have customers creating artwork for fulfillment on websites that are not using our Website Personalisation App then these can also be imported into our print manager using the Supplier Link API so you can manage all your print jobs in one place


Handling Errors


Example Error Response:


			"message": "Description of error"




Description:URL:URL (SSL):Parameters:Type:Verbs:


Allows the insertion of new orders into the system.{api key}{api key}
  • k (API Key, required)




Description:Example Request:Example Response:


Creates a new order.
	"external_ref": "TEST-0001",
	"company_ref_id": 99999,
	"sales_datetime": "2013",
	"customer_name": "James Ball",
	"customer_email": "",
	"purchase_complete": true,
	"shipping_address_1": "Shipping Address 1",
	"shipping_address_2": "Shipping Address 2",
	"shipping_address_3": "Shipping Address 3",
	"shipping_postcode": "Shipping Postcode",
	"shipping_country": "Shipping Country",
	"billing_address_1": "Billing Address 1",
	"billing_address_2": "Billing Address 2",
	"billing_address_3": "Billing Address 3",
	"billing_postcode": "Billing Postcode",
	"billing_country": "Billing Country",
	"items": [
			"sku": "IP4",
			"description": "iPhone 4",
			"quantity": 1,
			"type": 1,
			"external_url": "",
			"external_thumbnail_url": ""
			"sku": "IP4",
			"description": "iPhone 4",
			"quantity": 1,
			"type": 2,
			"print_job_id": 48014
	"id": 12345,
	"ref": "abcdefgh"




Note: All fields are required.




string A reference code that can be used to identify the order in your system.
integer A unique company ID (supplied by Gateway3D). Must correspond to the API key provided via the URL.
string The date and time of when the order was placed in the format YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS (i.e. 2013-08-07 10:54:23)
string Customer's full name.
string Customer's contact email.
boolean If the order has been paid for. Note that the order will not be processed unless this field is set to true.
string Shipping address 1.
string Shipping address 2.
string Shipping address 3.
string Shipping post or ZIP code.
string Shipping country.
string Billing address 1.
string Billing address 2.
string Billing address 3.
string Billing post or ZIP code.
string Billing country.
array An array of item objects with the following fields:skudescriptionquantitytypeexternal_urlexternal_thumbnail_urlprint_job_id

Product SKU of the item.

The SKU is used to appropriately batch together items from across different orders.

It must therefore match your fulfiller or supplier's SKU for the same product.

string Product description.
integer Item quantity.
integer Type CodeNameDescription
1 External URL An item with a third party image URL
2 Print Job An item that can be associated with a print job created by the Gateway3D product designer.
string Only for external items.

URL to an image which will be used for this item. This URL must be available until the order has been processed.

Supported formats:

  • PNG
  • JPG
  • BMP
string Only for external items

URL to a thumbnail of an image which will be used for this item. This URL must be available until the order has been processed.

Supported formats:

  • JPG
integer Only for print job items.

A unique identitifer linking this item to an already existing print job (created by the Gateway3D product designer).

The specified print job must have been created using a company ID which the current API key (URL parameter k) is permitted access to.


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