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How to pass webform data to PERSONALISE-iT App


Preset Product Configurations

Step 1

User selects a product.

Step 2

Magento or other website module retrieves text area and image area data from EP3D JSON API:


{ "products": [ { product_id: 7429 } ] }


{ "text_areas": [{ product_id: 7429, template_text_area_id: 70028, template_text_name: "Front"  }] }


{ "products": [ { product_id: 7429 } ] }

{ "image_areas": [{ product_id: 7429, template_image_area_id: 20069, template_image_name: "Back"  }] }

Issues & Notes

  • Multiple product IDs are supported so that similar products can be grouped together, allowing for a single user inputted data set to be applied to multiple products. Limitation of this approach is that areas need to have consistent naming amongst groups of products.

Step 3

Magento module or other website uses the data from API to create a form for the product which the user can then fill in. e.g:

Text (front): input type = text
Image (front): input type = file

Step 4

When the user presses submit, Magento or other website module does the following:

  • Saves the image to a publicly accessible location.
  • Makes a call to the EP3D API to create the preset configuration (see Step 4.1)

Step 4.1 - EP3D API

"images": [
"name": "foo.png",
"data": " << base64 encoded image data >>"
} ],

"samples": [
"product_id": 7429,

"text_areas": [
"area_id": 70028,
"user_string": "hello world"
} ],

"image_areas": [
"area_id": 20069,
"image_name": "foo.png"
} ]
} ]



Step 5

The sample IDs retrieved in Step 4.1 can now be used within the Easycreate3D URLs using the parameter “su”.

Step 6

Template viewer looks up the data associated with the sample ID and displays the product accordingly.

Advantages of This Solution

  • Very flexible and can easily be extended to future uses.
  • Area names are retrieved dynamically and so will never be out of date.
  • Does not require any extra fields to be added to the EasyCreate3D extension other than a flag saying that a preset configuration should be used for the product.
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