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Personalised Product New Supplier Requirements


To add a new supplier to the PERSONALISE-iT system the following areas need to be considered


1.3D Model / Product Image

We need a model to display the product on the website and enable personalisation - to create a model we need the following information

    • Sample of the product to photograph or
    • 6 photographs of the product to the Personalise-iT specification or
    • Existing 3D Model ID Number
    • Visual confirmation of personalisation area on photo / model

2. Print Specification

Next we need details of the artwork specification required for production

    • Accurate Print Area Dimensions
    • Print Technique
    • Is image upload required
    • Available fonts for text
    • Any font size or colour limitation within print area
    • Single or multiple image or text areas


3. Artwork / Gallery (if required)

These are only an option if using an image area


a) Artwork is only required if your personalised product includes a unique design that needs to be printed and is not uploaded by the user

b) Gallery images can be uploaded so the user can choose one of your images instead of their own   


4. Order & Artwork Management

In order for a supplier to work as a fulfilment centre for online personalisation orders the following points must be considered


Once an online order has been confirmed the artwork and order details for that job are passed to the Personalise-iT Printer to enable production

The printer provides the follwing

    • Job details - product, customer name, delivery service and despatch address
    • Identification Thumbnail of print job
    • Artwork to print order as png, jpg or pdf
    • Address label / delivery note in correct format / branding for website owner to despatch products
    • Job Assets - original image and text files

To access this information a supplier has the following options

    1. Log onto the Printer Management Console at
    2. User API to integrate with printer
    3. Log into an FTP folder for orders to be downloaded as a csv file
    4. Set up an email address for orders to be received as a csv file


Once an order has been produced a supplier must inform the website so that notification is sent to the client - this can happen in the following ways

    1. By ticking the complete box in the Printer Management Console at
    2. By uploading a csv file to an ftp folder
    3. Using the API to update the order
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