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Using the PERSONALISE-iT Print Manager


This helpsheet will show you how to use the Easypromo3D printer to view your orders and acquire the artwork and shipping label


First of all you need to log into your Easypromo3D account at (if you do not yet have an easypromo3d account set up please contact the Gateway 3D support team.


On the side navigation panel you need to select print manager to view your print jobs



This will then take you to a page which if you have already got some print jobs will have a table like the following



The contents of this table are as follows


JOB ID - this is a unique reference to this print job

CUSTOMER ID - this is the customers reference number

PRODUCT - This is the easypromo3D template number of the item ordered

DATE - This is the date of order

PRINTED - This is the date the order was printed

COUNTRY - Country of origin of the order

PAID - Is either yes or no 


The icons on the right side of the table are your outputs

1) Label is the shipping label for the order

2) PNG is a .PNG file format picture of the output artwork

3) JPEG is a .JPG file format picture of the output artwork

4) PDF is a PDF file format picture of the output artwork

5) Assets is a zip file containing any original artwork or photos used by the customer to make the order

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