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Adding a data capture form to your website when there is not a virtual sample link available


This option has been created for when a product is not available as a 3D virtual sample but you still want to capture the customer information and create a manual sample - see our blog for more information 

You can add a generic form instead of the virtual sample link 

You can use the above link and add the following settings

Required Params (you must have a customer ID - this link is just a test ID)

  • c := company id - this will be supplied when you set up your account

Optional Params

  • s := CSS stylesheet URL - this can be supplied by your web designer to style your forms


It is also possible to add a reference to the link so that it is passed to the enquiry manager, this can be product SKU, name or anything of your choosing.

you need to add the &r= to the end of the link followed by the reference.


For example:

this will return a reference of SKU in the enquiry manager.



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