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Creating links for your PERSONALISE-iT Personalisation App


Understanding PERSONALISE-iT Product URLs

Every product in the Gateway CPP Database has its own unique URL that controls its functionality. Detailed below is an explanation of how URLs are structured. Software developers should also consult our Personalise-iT iFrame integration guide.


Base URL Customisable Product



Base URL for Sample, Print Job or Print On Demand  Product


As above but su= or pj= replaces p=

Every product you create and save using personalise-it will have a unique su id / previous orders have a pj id


There are 3 basic types of product


  1. Sample that can be personalised


  1. Print on Demand Product that is not personalised


Print on Demand Products can also be displayed as a normal thumbnail only if sizes are handled on the website and colour changes are not required - as long as the sample/print on demand reference is passed to our print manager once an order has been paid for


Example Thumbnail


  1. Print Jobs - Artwork from previous orders that can be re-ordered

URL Format for Apps Delivered via CDN


The URL format for apps delivered by the CDN is slightly different to a normal PERSONALISE-iT App (The CDN is used for apps that are international and are likely to have a high volume of traffic)


The URLs are structured like this - uses rather than

l=acp2 - only the layout and language if used are detailed before the # - as these are both stored on the CDN


# - everything after the # is still pulled initially from the local server

p=1027692 - product ID is cache for common products increasing speed

guid=99999 - fulfilment company


Any other variables can be added just like an app from a local server by adding &

Here is the full URL -

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