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Personalisation App Loading Time Explained


Detailed below is a simple explanation of what components are included in our personalisation app and how these effect page sizes and hence page load speeds



Average File Size

For all models


3D Model (2)

DAE files for reflection and standard

350 KB

3D Texture Map (1)

PNG Image

400 KB

Product Data (3)

Description, Price & Help Text

50 KB

Personalisation Software (2)



600 KB

Bespoke App Layout (37)

Javascript, Images, CSS & HTML

400 KB

Total Average (45)


1.8 MB


Depends on settings


Gallery (10)

Thumbnail JPG Images - Approx 80KB each

800 KB

Product Thumbnail (4)

Thumbnail JPG Images - Approx 80KB each

320 KB

Related Designs (4)

Thumbnail JPG Images - Approx 80KB each

320 KB

Total Average


1.4 MB


Total Potential Average


3.2 MB

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