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Preparing and Adding Assets to a 2D Product using GIMP


To prepare the assets of a 2D product ready to be uploaded to the ACP:


1. Open print guide and product image in Gimp.


2. Do the following for both the print guide and the product image:

2.1. Select Image>Canvas Size.

2.2. Set the Width and Height settings of the canvas to the product image and the print guide's longest edge. For example, if the product image dimensions are 1182 x 1896 and the print guide dimensions are 1032 x 1610, then both the width and the height should be set to 1896 (the longest edge).

2.3. Click the Lock Aspect Ratio button (Unlinked Chain) next to the Canvas Size values.

2.4. Click Center and then Resize.

2.5. Select Image>Scale Image.

2.6. Set the Width and Height settings of the Image Size field to 800px and click Scale.


3. Do the following on the print guide only:

3.1. On the print guide, use the Bucket Fill Tool to fill the editable area of the print guide in black.

3.2. Use the Fuzzy Select Tool to select the area that you have just filled black.

3.3. Press ctrl+x to cut the selected area from the layer.

3.4. In the Layers section in the top right, right click an empty space and select New Layer.

3.5. Make sure that you have 800 x 800 selected for the dimensions and Transparency selected in the Layer Fill Type and click OK.

3.6. Select the new layer and use ctrl+v to paste the image that you had previously cut, onto the newly created layer.

3.7. You can now delete the layer that you cut the image from.


4. Do the following on the product image only:

4.1. Use the Fuzzy Select Tool to select the outline of the product within the image.

4.2. Select Filters>Light and Shadow>Drop Shadow.

4.3. Make sure that Opacity is set to 50% and Allow Resizing is left unticked.


5. Export the images to png files and upload them to the ACP via the 2D Links tab whilst in the edit screen for that product.

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