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Templating a new design on a pre existing 3D model


There may come a time where you would like to be able to upload some pre done designs to your products for further personalisation instead of allowing the user to personalise the blank product. Take a white mug for example and it being set up to look like :-



This gives you an unlimited amount of products from one model and allows you to create designs that users would not normally think of or be able to create.


For the rest of this help sheet we will use the above mug as our target template and aim to to recreate this on a blank mug


To start with you will need to find your base model in EasyPromo3D Admin Panel - for this example that is a blank mug:-



Under Basic details - expand models and textures and select view texture



You will get a pop up window with the texture map of the product, this is the components which make up the 3D visual - for the mug you will see the following



This will pop up in a browser, you need to right click the image and save this to your local machine


You will need to open up this picture in a quality visual editing software suite. For this we will be using Photoshop


To enable you to add your images you need to know what the printable area is as allowed by the printer. Your supplier will be able to provide you with this information


For this mug the supplier has given us the following details - Printable area centre on the mugs face 225 x 82mm


You need to add some rulers onto your product in photoshop to allow you to gauge this.

When added you should have something similar to the following




Using this map, the rulers and the print dimensions given by the printers we can arrange our artwork to fit perfectly where it is supposed to go:-



Then remove your rulers to check the final texture is okay, save this as a PNG image on your local machine and your new texture map should look something like this



Upload this back into Easypromo3d under the models and textures - texture section and your 3d model will be ready to view


***VERY IMPORTANT - to have this on the print output you need to upload a perfectly sized image (so in this case 225x85) and 300dpi image to the image area under artwork. If this is not done your printer will not see this artwork portion and will print it as a blank mug.


The Finishing touch to this mug is the text as shown in the first picture, for this we need to assign a text area to the printable surface

In EasyPromo3d you need to go to Text Areas


Using this you can define the colour, size, fonts and where the text will go




The easiest way to arrange your text is to drag it on the Texture preview so you know exactly where it will sit.


When you have made all of your amendments hit save and your product is ready to go live and personalise




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