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Checking print job accuracy


What you will need -

Access to the GatewayCPP

Editing Software which enables layers - such as Photoshop

Print Guides (on the google drive)


The most common reason for needing to do a print test is a supplier telling us artwork is wrong.

You need to request the print Job from them and use either Order Manager or Order Manager Lite, here you can search for a job



The print job above we will look at is an iPhone 5 case - this we can find by searching the Product ID


We need to download the outputs and original artwork from the printer as seen above

PNG - PNG of the printable artwork the supplier receives

JPG - JPEG of the printable artwork the supplier receives

PDF - PDF of the printable artwork the supplier receives

Assets - the original artwork as uploaded but the user to the visualizer 


Take your PNG output and open it up in Photoshop



This image is sized ready for the printers to use - in this example we can already see why the suppliers think this image is wrong - the white spaces at the top and bottom of the artwork should not be present on well placed artwork.


To check this we will place a print guide over it. This guide is sized to the phone case perfectly and will show what will actually be printed and identify and bleed areas.




In this example you can see that this is down to user placement - the artwork is not wrong, the user has just gone right to the limit of the photos dimensions.


This is not always the case and sometimes values will need to be checked in the GatewayCPP to ensure that the artwork being produced is the correct size / orientation.

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