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Understanding Data Interpolation



Our Interpolation feature has recently been implemented.

This feature will allow you, the user, to easily set up efficient data to match with new licence content to essentially replace textual tags with the relevant information needed for licenced content.

This feature enables the user to replace interpolation tags for product names, SKUs and descriptions to effectively improve the eCommerce data for products in an easier way than individually replacing the data after the products have been created.

Interpolation can only occur with the following scenarios.

      - When the product is duplicated

      - When a print on demand product is created.

This will save the time of the person who is creating the products because they will not need to manually update any of the four fields that support interpolation.

Below we have an example of how this feature works.

Let's say we have a product ID 12345.

Product 12345 is a base template with the following sales description:

{ecommerce.brand_name} {ecommerce.design_name} Duvet Cover and Pillowcase Set

If a user wishes to create a version of the product with Marvel licensed content, then they could either:

    1. Select a base product in CPP


    2. Choose "Duplicate & Modify Branding"


    3. Select a target category



    4. Enter the values, in this example, I have used the following. "Marvel Thor Ragnorak" for 'Brand Name',       MVLRTGLAD for 'Brand Code'. You can also include 'Design Name' and 'Brand Name Short', which I have     filled in as "Gladiator Battle" and "MVL" but this can be omitted if not required.


    5. If you save this product and go to the target product, your new interpolated product will be there.




  1. Select "Print on Demand" from the "Import CSV" drop-down
  2. Upload a CSV with the following columns (at minimum)


design_name brand_name brand_code design_name_short
12345678 Kylo Ren First Order Strikes Star Wars The Last Jedi STWTLJKR STW

To help facilitate the more efficient creation of products with licensed artwork, placeholder values can be used in the following fields: In both cases, a new product would now have been created with the following sales name: "Marvel Thor Ragnarok Gladiators Battle Duvet Cover and Pillowcase Set. The fields will also change any of the following data in eCommerce.

  • Sales Description
  • Long Sales Description
  • Meta Title
  • Meta Description
  • Product Name
  • Product Retail SKU


Any E-commerce field can be used as a placeholder, however, the following are the most useful:

  • brand_name
  • brand_code
  • brand_name_short
  • design_name

Additional Information

  • Interpolation happens on duplicate or POD creation, therefore only a blank base product should be selected.
  • Said blank base product should not be used in a retail setting because it will have placeholders in its fields.
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