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CPPv2 | Print Areas | Resolution - Variable DPI



By default, files generated by the system are 300dpi - with a maximum size of 1000 x 1000mm at that resolution. For products with a larger print area than 1000x1000mm, you must utilise a lower DPI value to generate the larger output files - this avoids hitting processing limits.

For example, halving the DPI to 150 will allow files to generate that are approximately 2000x2000mm.

Top Tip: It is advised that larger products should have a lower DPI value, not only based on file size and processing time, but simply because it is not necessary to always utilise 300dpi resolution for larger prints.


How do I set the DPI?

Utilising the Resolution / DPI value field within a Products Print Specification, it is now possible to manually set a DPI value, allowing you to successfully generate larger format files at lower DPI settings.



It is also possible to set variable dpi against a Print Area Layout, if you need to merge multiple files together.


How can I test it?

You can utilise the Print Test facility to add personalisation > Click Generate Artwork. The system will then generate example output files at the relevant mm size and resolution based on your Print Specification.

Depending on the size of your print area, this may take several minutes. 


Important Note: Variable DPI is currently only supported in 2d with ACP3_2 - your Output Type must be set to Raster Alternative. Please contact should you have any queries. 


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