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Image & Colour Quality for Your Templates


Gateway CPP supports lots of different options to enable you to build the right quality product for your online customiser or print on demand product 

1. Template File Sizes - this is always a trade off between product quality and speed of load. Historically we have always recommended 800x800 pixels but the system will now support templates of any pixel dimension. The higher the pixel count the better quality the image but the slower it could to load. It is also worth looking at file compression tools like tinypng that can help you have a better quality image at a smaller file size

2. Colour Quality - traditionally most print images have been stored with a CMYK Colour Profile - however to display on a web browser they have to be converted to RGB which often leads to a slight change in appearance. As a general rule the most consumers expect to get what they see online so it is important that the product online is a good representation of the printed product

We have several options on how to achieve this

a) Save the original artwork as sRGB before uploading to POD
b) Upload as a Vector Image (SVG or EPS) with a CMYK Profile using our Artwork Slots feature
c) Use a TIFF or PNG file with an embedded ICC colour profile  

It is also worth noting that most digital print processes & RIP software now work well with default RGB profiles - so these kind of colour issues are most common when designers are used to working in CMYK or want to match other printed products 

3. Artwork Output Resolution - by default we produce artwork at 300dpi which is fine for almost all print processes but we do now have the option to produce at a higher or lower DPI if required.

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