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Using Attributes for Upsells on Products in CPP


You can use Attributes on products set up in CPP to create up-selling opportunities such as Gift Wrapping or Premium services 

This can be enabled within the Gateway App and chosen at the time of personalisation.



To create an Attbribute, click on the edit button for your product. Click on Attributes from the left hand side menu and click New.

At the very least you will need a Yes and No option for your attribute, the yes option should have a price set against that attribute in the Price column. 

See example above for further set up. 


This product also has a base price set in the e-commerce details section of 90p, a minimum quantity of 10 and a qty increment of 10. The app calculates that there is a minimum of 10 so the price for adding Premium Envelopes is £1 additional to the price of the invite. 

The set this up all pricing needs to be set on your product in CPP, and your integration or iFrame link needs to be set to overwrite the prices in your website and use the CPP pricing. This can be done in the EPA parameter of the URL and we have a knowledge base article here about how to update that 

This is currently only available on ACP2, ACP3, Garment2, Garment3, Mobile and Mobile3 app layouts. You will need a configuration reference added to your iFrame URL which has Dynamic Pricing enabled. A member of the support team can enable this for you. Please email to make changes to config files. 







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