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Configuring the Wallpaper App


For all 2D large-area prints such as signs, wallpapers, posters, placards, banners etc we have created  a specialist app that enables you to specify the required size. This app doesn’t have to have a specialist product created as it uses a generic product in CPP but you can have your own product if you want to use a specific backgroud or have own pricing rules.


Here is an example link for this app:

If you would like to use this app, please raise a ticket and our support staff will set you up with a copy of the generic product so you can manage pricing


Gallery Images:

With the g-Parameter you can add your own images for your customer to choose from. However, it is not possible to change the price depending on whether a customer chose your images or uploaded an own one. For this you will have to use two different products that are using different prices, set via the EPA.



This app is designed to calculate a dynamic price in the configurator, based on a per square meter price set in CPP or the site backend and the size chosen by the customer. E.g. a customer selects a banner in the size of 200cm x 300cm and the price per square meter is set to 7.00- GBP, the calculated price would be 42.00- GBP.

The price can be set via our External Pricing API (EPA). In case you’re eCommerce website is based on Magento and you’re using our PERSONALISE-iT Magento Extension we will use Magento Prices unless API is set to use Gateway CPP - epa=

If pulling the price from CPP, it needs to be set in the section ‘e-Commerce’ -> ‘Tiered Prices’ -> ‘RRP (inc tax)’

If pulling the price from an eCommerce website, it can be set in the site. For Magento the corresponding price would be set in the section: ‘Catalog’ -> ‘Manage Products’ -> ‘Prices’ -> ‘Price’


Remarks for implementation:

  • The original product ID is 1106670 (Name: Blank Product For Signs and Wallpaper App). This product needs to be duplicated for setting customer specific prices, however the link itself doesn’t change, apart of the EPA-Product ID.
  • The Output Type needs to be set to ‘Raster Node-Canvas’
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