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How to add and amend the Colour Options on your Products



If you have used our creation services and we have created your products for you, you can take control and make amends to the available colours as and when you wish. This articles goes through the steps involved in adding and amending the Colour Options available on your Products on CPP. 


Log into CPP as normal:

  • Via the search menu on the left hand side of the interface, you can search for products by name, sku or product ID (1). 
  • When you have found the product that you want to make changes to, click the edit button (2).

  • This will open the product setup page. From here you can navigate to Colour Areas (3).
  • Open the colour area you want to make changes to (4).

  • This will display all of the specified colours for that area. You can then click to specify a default (5), or select to delete (6). You can add new colours to the list by clicking ''Add Colour'' (7). This will add a new colour entry option - simply specify a name and hex value into the relevant field. Always remember to Click save to confirm any changes.

That's all there is to it!

If you want to quickly review the changes you have made you can click on the Basic Details tab on the left menu, then open the Print Test facility, and click to start the test. This will open the App for testing purposes.

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